About us

Company Panels Glass offers professional and comprehensive consulting, measurement and assembly in the field of glass
home furnishings in any arrangement.
We specialize in the production of decorative glass panels, such as fronts, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, doors, shower enclosures, mirrors and much more.
The use of glass for decoration and fitting rooms are more than a way to unconventional look flat,
is primarily a fancy finish individually tailored to your needs.
Glass panels are ideally suited August as a replacement tile in the kitchen or bathroom.
We always try to adapt to the requirements of our clients and their vision and niebagatelnych ideas.
We carry standard projects, individual, unusual as well as those bold. We have behind us already over 3000 mounts. We work with design offices and interior designers so that our
designs are very unique and refined in every szczególe.Przed each execution we visualize.
Our employees have many years of experience that at such a sensitive and specific material such as glass is of particular value.

We offer the highest quality services that will satisfy the most demanding customer.
We invite you to cooperation.