The glass and mirrors

Glass panels are one of the most fascinating materials, after which more often reaches modern architecture. Glass of this type are safe and durable product.
Individualized graphics printed on a specially prepared surface that allows the application of arbitrary patterns. The size of elements may reach a length of 3100 mm and a width of 1500mm.
After completion of the printing elements are covered 3 layers of lacquer, which also protects against the elements wilbocią and abrasions.

Mounting methods

Glass panels are mounted to the substrate using an adhesive. Other techniques can not take the company due to the possibility of easy breaking and destruction of the glass elements. The area under the glass panels need not fulfill any special requirements since the adhesive reacts very well with a variety of substrates at the same time does not damage or discolor varnish coating.
Upon completion of the installation work and silikonowaniu - items should be left for about 8 hours to dry silicone to finish forming elements.

Treatment of the glass

It is a process that deprives the edges of the mats inequality and focus. Consists of a careful finish the edges, which is not only aesthetic but also ensures safety during direct contact with the glass.
Grinding straight edges make for a modern, automatic grinding sets, while the curved edges grind on the type of CNC machining centers.
We are able to grind glass thicknesses from 3 to 19 mm, depending on where the customer needs we give edges appropriate form